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14 reports about 700-444-4444

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kh 29th Jan, 2016+0
Calling without end and seem that using some fax or things like this calling 5-10 times in a day
black widow 27th Mar, 2015+0
Received a call from this number. I couldn't understand her, she was speaking fast. Then it hung up. I called her back and got a this number doesn't exist recording.
Casey Sakli 21st Oct, 2014+0
They call asking for someone I don't know. I have told them several times but keep calling :S
Heather 31st Jan, 2014+0
Calls daily, computer animated voice. Person does not work here. No option given to respond to call. Said Verseo Resourcing Group. I finally called their number back and spoke with a rude lady who commented "well why haven't you called us sooner". Didn't realize it's my job to update their telemarketing phone lists. Researched on web, they are a marketing company.
HA420 5th Oct, 2013+0
This number has been calling everyday for the last east once a day that is. Never a message. When I call back I get a blank answering service.
Kris Driver 19th Sep, 2013+0
This number calls a couple times a week. No one on the other end.
lia 19th Jul, 2013+0
A foreign-sounding woman called my home tonight and was extremely rude. She asked for "Mrs. Scott" which is not my our name. I told her she had the wrong number. She then proceded to call me a bitch and told me to shut up. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she told me she didn't have one. She finally hung up on me.
MR 14th Jul, 2013+0
Sounded like a robot calling. I couldn't understand them so I told them to call back and I hung up. No one called back.
cpp3 5th Dec, 2012+0
Got a text from this number regarding oil wells a few months ago.
Hope 5th Aug, 2012+0
I didn't pick up, but I see from others that this appears to be ABC Warehouse. I have no prior business relationship with these people that I recall.
Judy Fullwood 22nd Jun, 2012+0
The man on the calling from this number is calling myphone and calling me names and saying theyare going to get my family and also calling my work about a loan i have not payed and being rude to people at my work. He called my job 7 times today and called my phone several times talking real nasty Please help
glendadanc 30th Apr, 2012+0
number does not ring when dialed no voice mail
C. 13th Sep, 2011+0
This number has been calling me the last few days. I think I answered it once, said hello about 5 times, then either they or I hung up. Either way it was weird. And now im getting, so far, 1-2 calls per day. No messages. Id really like to know who's calling me, and why :/ .
jm in texas 2nd Sep, 2011+0
no message - called at 1:15pm

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